05.10.2020 - 08.11.2020
Specialist knowledge

Data Awareness (Standard) - "Online"

The basics of working with data

In an increasingly digital world, an understanding of data is becoming more and more essential. StackFuel’s online part-time Data Awareness course provides you all the basics you need when it comes to topics such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT). Here you will get to know the latest data technologies, practice professional communication with data experts and, after once you have completed the course you will be able to independently evaluate data analyses and assess data visualizations. We use real business scenarios to provide you with practical and effective training so that you can put the knowledge you have gained to use right from the start.

Which date suites you best? You can choose between the following dates in the registration form:
13.07.-16.08.2020 | 10.08.-13.09.2020 | 07.09.-11.10.2020 | 05.10.-08.11.2020 | 02.11.-06.12.2020 | 16.11.-20.12.2020


  • A new mindset - data-driven Thinking
    • What does it mean to apply a data-driven thinking and decision-making approach?
    • How can questions concerning data sets be formulated and solved using data analytics?
    • What needs to be taken into account when handling data (e.g. correlation and causality)?
    • How should data be presented, communicated and interpreted?
    • To what extent do data trends influence businesses and their departments?
  • Data at work: basic data analytics:
    • Which data types and data analytics exist?
    • How is data processing structured?
    • Which technologies are relevant for the analysis of big data?
    • How important are statistics in data analytics?
    • Which applications have what relevance?
    • How are data analysis coordinated and implemented within the organization?

Your benefits:

  • You will gain a thorough overview of current data technologies
  • You will  develop a basic understanding of the entire data analysis process and complex data models, enabling participants to communicate professionally with data experts
  • You will also learn how to evaluate data analyses and projects in their own subject domain as well as how to evaluate data visualizations


  • Experteninput durch Videolektionen
  • Interaktive Übungsaufgaben
  • Experteninterviews
  • Textlektionen

Target Group:

Professionals who understand the value of data in work processes and who want to collect and process data to optimize their own way of working and increase profits for their company. 


No previous knowledge is required.


  • Standard = part-time online course (4 weeks)  
  • Certification: you will receive a certificate at the end of the course
  • Browser-based training: you will have access to all the computing power you need to complete the course

Data Awareness (Standard) - "Online"

Specialist knowledge
09:00 - 17:00 (GMT +01:00)
Please note that this event takes several days.
Online in cooperation with StackFuel
Target Group
Professionals, Manager / Executives


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