"We can shape technological
progress, socio-cultural
change and New Work with
developing our expertise,
practical competencies
and soft skills"

Miriam Brenner
Head of b39 Academy

Our philosophy

New technologies, digitalization and globalization ensure that the demands on knowledge and work are constantly changing. We see ourselves, on the one hand, as trendsetters who closely observe and evaluate these developments and, on the other hand, as skill-setters - because we support individuals in acquiring the necessary skills for this "VUCA world". To best deal with volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, it is essential to acquire the appropriate skills.

Our intention is not only to impart theory, but also to establish a learning culture that lays a foundation of knowledge through high-quality inputs and enables independent further training. For this purpose, we select learning methods according to the latest scientific findings and adapt them to the respective learning context. You will receive comprehensive support in your professional and personal development.

Your learning success makes us successful. That is why we employ highly qualified trainers and speakers who ensure a pleasant learning environment and a positive error culture. Knowledge transfer in our events is not just theory transfer, but takes place sustainably and using modern learning methods - for example, through practical examples, success stories, "muck-ups" and the opportunity to apply what you have learned directly.

Since we are even stronger together, close networking with technology leaders, universities and start-ups beyond the area of Heilbronn-Franken is also important to us. This means that we always have current topics in view and can pass these on to the learners in our events.

This is who
we are

Ready for
the future

Recent studies have shown that only a small number of employees in Germany have the necessary skills for working in and with the digital world. Further training therefore not only serves to expand personal skills, but also helps to gain and maintain productivity in the company in times of a shortage of skilled workers. Both individuals and employers benefit from modern training courses that impart relevant knowledge and promote core competencies such as communication, critical thinking, cooperation and creativity.



Specialist knowledge
Learn more about our IDS NXT ocean!
Specialist knowledge
Learn more about our IDS NXT ocean!
Specialist knowledge
Learn more about our IDS NXT ocean!


The b39 Academy belongs to IDS Innovation GmbH and is located in Obersulm (area of Heilbronn). The similarity of name and location to IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH is no coincidence - they are sister companies.

Together we drive the development of digital professional, practical and technical competencies, for example through event cooperation and knowledge transfer on topics such as image processing technology and artificial intelligence.



Our cooperations

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