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Specialist knowledge
Get to know the basics of working with data.
14.12 - 28.03.2021
Specialist knowledge
Become a Data Analyst!

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We offer a wide range of opportunities for professional and personal development in the region of Heilbronn or in your office- e.g. trainings, key notes, hackathons and barcamps.

Since nowadays not only specialist knowledge but also social and practical skills are in demand, we provide a space to participants for personal growth and development and allow them to get to know the methods and models relevant to the respective topic. This not only enables you to apply what you have learned, but also to think ahead independently - the best possible starting point for expanding your knowledge and grow.


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Competencies in change

Never before has there been as much knowledge available to us as today. On the one hand this is an enormous opportunity for further development but on the other hand it becomes a great challenge for everyone. The world in which we live and work is becoming increasingly complex. The b39 academy, with it´s startup character based in the region of Heilbronn, has set itself the goal of providing you with the necessary professional and personal skills to manage this complexity.

We attach great importance to a modern learning environment. Whether digital competence or image processing know-how: the range of seminars is specially designed to impart knowledge in a future-oriented, clear way. Therefore, we set high quality standards and use modern methods. In addition, the b39 academy offers a platform for exchange and cooperation, for example through close collaboration with technology leaders, universities and the German start-up industry.

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